Live and in the Studio

In need of the right sound for your live show or recording? Patrick has experience as a multi-instrumentalist in a wide- spanning range of genres. Below you’ll find photos documenting his work at various shows around the world and in some of the most renowned studios in the nation, reviews and a description of the gear Patrick currently uses.


“It was a pleasure sharing the stage with you. Your talent and passion for music is inspiring. Keep up the good work and share your music with the world. It will bless us all.”

-Pino Squillace
Drummer/Percussionist for Kid Rock, Big & Rich, Muzik Mafia.


“His fingers are a blur. One of the best I’ve seen in quite some time.”

-Thomas Cain
BMI Senior Director, Writer/Publisher Relations.


“Whether on stage or in the studio, Patrick is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Even during our 4AM studio sessions, he was full of spark and he always brought 110% to the table. Versatile instrumentalist with great creative input.”

-Thomas Ruffner
Freelance Audio Engineer.
Session at Vibe Studios.


“Working with Patrick was an absolute breeze. As a recording engineer, it is hard to find musicians and artists that do not rely on today’s technology to enhance or correct their performance. With Patrick, he sat down, we placed the mics, and rolled tape.You can be sure that every time you record him, you get great performances and great tone.”

-Half-Stack Productions.
Session at The Castle.

Gear List

Electric guitar/amps/effects:
-G&L Legacy Stratocaster
-Hughes and Kettner Triamp Combo, 100 watts. 2x12″ Celestion g12 Vintage 30 speakers. Also have Yellowjackets to switch tubes and lower wattage to 50 watts.
-Hughes and Kettner 2x12″cc with Vox Nightrain 15 watt amp. Celestion Greenback speakers.
-Gator Pro-Power pedal tote. Powered board with effects including distortion, compression, chorus, delay and more. Pedals are professional level and boutique brands such as Whirlwind, Tech 21, and Visual Sound.

-Roland FP-4. 88 Key digital keyboard/synth. Direct out into board.

-Blueridge BR-43, Grand Auditorium. Pickup: Martin Thinline. Preamp: Martin Active Jack.
-Robert Ruck/Jerry Roberts La Mancha Classical Guitar. Shadow EFX Pickup w/ volume & tone controls.
-Trace Elliot TA100R. 100 watts. 4x5″ factory speakers. Onboard EQ, notch filter, and reverb. Direct out.

-Custom made 4 string by luthier Jacob Marchlewski. Active/passive controls as well as several onboard features for EQ. Bartolini jazz & precision pickups.
-Hartke 1x12″ Hydrive kick-back combo. 250 watts. Onboard Hartke Shape EQ. Onboard overdrive. Direct out.

Backing vocals:
-AKG D5. Supercardioid microphone.
Range: Approximately 1 and 1/2 ocatves below middle C to 1 octave above middle C.

-Kentucky KM-620 mandolin. F-style. Shadow SH 920 Piezo pickup.
-Fender FB-55 banjo. Shadow SH B1 Twin Transducer pickup.
-Trace Elliot TA100R. 100 watts. 4x5″ factory speakers. Onboard EQ, notch filter, and reverb. Direct out.