Private Music Lessons

At the outset of his career Patrick made the decision to create music founded in the thorough understanding of technique and music theory.  This approach merged with his perceptive demeanor has shaped his teaching style to be incredibly warm, understanding, and attentive to each student’s individual needs.  Patrick truly enjoys sharing his passion for music and experience as a working musician with students of all levels and ages.  With a Northwest Las Vegas  location, an active studio in St. George, Utah and online teaching resources using Skype, FaceTime, etc., Patrick is the prominent music teacher in Las Vegas and Southern Utah offering lessons in a diverse range of styles on guitar, piano, bass, banjo, and mandolin.  On this page you can find reviews from previous students and get a glimpse into Patrick’s teaching philosophy. Check out our new site for our division called Music Lessons Las Vegas.

Guitar Lessons

​”You’ve been a great guitar teacher. Everything I’ve learned about scales and chords came from you. Everything you taught  me was well explained and you really know you’re talking about. If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be playing dumb songs from internet guitar tabs.”

-Andrew Coil, guitar student 2006-2009.

“Patrick has taken my son from a complete beginner to placing in his first paying competition in two years.  Patrick’s patient manner mixed with constructive criticism and amazing skill has proven to be the right combination for a great experience.”

-Susanne W.  Student: Timothy, 2009-2012.

“My son has taken guitar lessons from Patrick for almost 5 years now! He is not only knowledgeable about his craft but is also very patient and encouraging. My son is always excited to go to his lesson and even has started to write his own songs. Patrick is a true professional who genuinely cares about his students no matter what their age! I HIGHLY recommend him!”

-Courtney Horner.  Student:  Mason, 2012-2017

“I have been playing guitar for 32 years. I am very capable about every aspect of the instrument from the music to its design and its construction. Mr. Worley is the only teacher that I felt has been able to teach me something new. We have focused in music theory and applying it to the guitar and better yet my creativity. Mr. Worley is very methodical and very knowledgeable and I have no doubt that he can teach anyone from beginner to professional.”

-JM Alcaide, guitar student 2017.

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Mandolin Lessons

“Patrick is an exceptional music instructor. He is patient and kind which is very important to those of us who are taking on a new instrument after age 50. He individualizes to meet student preferences or requirements. He makes difficult passages easier to handle by pinpointing problems and demonstrating how to practice to improve skills. He is an awesome musical talent who can inspire the rest of us to accomplish our goals and to enjoy playing our instrument.”

-Pam Snell, mandolin student 2010-2015

Piano Lessons

“If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and amazing music teacher look no further you found him!
Our entire family has taken guitar and piano lessons from him. Two of my children have special needs and it’s amazing what they’ve learned from him. He’s extremely patient and everyone enjoys the music selections that he tailors to personal preferences. He’s very professional it’s a joy to take from Patrick.”

-Amy Hollingworth. Students: Amy, Steve, Mark, Scott, and Megan, 2014-2017.

“Our 6 year old son has been taking piano lessons from Patrick for almost a year and we have been very happy. Patrick is very patient with him and lets him do his own thing and then circles back to the lesson. He teaches to how he wants to learn and tries to accommodate his little mind’s requests while teaching him the basics. I very highly recommend.”

-Katie Ladomersky. Student: Nico, 2016-2017.

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College Preparatory

“I highly recommend Patrick as a teacher. He is experienced in all genres of music and is able to explain it exceptionally well & in ways that anyone can understand. He will do anything that you ask of him and that is why I believe he is a great teacher.”

-Ciyadh Wells, guitar student 2008-2011. University of Memphis music scholarship recipient.

Online Lessons

“I took 8 months of studio lessons from Patrick before he moved to Las Vegas from Nashville. Although doubtful, I valued his teaching skills enough to give online lessons a try and I have no regrets. There is no difference in the quality of lesson and it is done from the comfort of my home. Patrick is a gifted teacher and I highly recommend him.”

-Mike Brown, guitar student 2012-2013.

Banjo Lessons

“Patrick Worley is a wonderful instructor. He teaches my son banjo and he loves it. It is showing my son an excellent way to express a new side of himself. Thank you for opening that new door for us.”

-Susanne W. Student: Stephen, 2011.

“My son loves Patrick’s engaging and information-filled lessons. He looks forward to each lesson. We have had many music teachers but Patrick takes it a step beyond to where my son is really coming home each day with new, fun and engaging information. I feel like Patrick treats him like he is capable of moving forward. My son looks forward to practicing the new techniques and songs.”

-Jana Barnes. Student: Joseph, 2017.

“I am a 68 year old recently retired professional who wanted to learn how to play the banjo. I tried the on-line learning techniques but I wasn’t progressing the way I had hoped. Since I’ve started taking one on one lessons with Patrick I finally feel like I’m making some headway. He’s very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging with me. I would recommend him as a music teacher without hesitation.”

–Judith Mayfield, banjo student 2017.

Bass Lessons

“I’d already been involved in music for several years, but Patrick helped me to take what I know and apply it to Bass. Thanks to him, I made Jazz band!”

-Timothy Johnson, bass student 2009.

Suzuki Method

“Through Patrick’s use of Suzuki Method our boy Kenneth [age 4] is playing music we would have thought to be far beyond his ability due to his age. And he just loves Patrick!”

-Tim and Leigh Ann Slate.  Student:  Kenneth, 2010-2012.